Day or Night?

Hard to tell these days when you do not have work the next day and stay up all the time with no particular bedtime. Having friends over and house sitting, playing WoW TCG, Laning Source and Blizzard games, playing Xbox 360, and just doing our own thing at times on the web. Such a blast eh?

Not always if we do not leave then we are never sure what time is. Day or Night. Always jut like, “Hey, what time is it?” and some one will say something like. “3:00”. And no one half the time really think about it being am or pm unless we want to go somewhere or think of something to do outside the pad. Crazy living like that for a week.

But this week I should have a job once again and make something of myself or least make some money and still do nothing for the time being. Either way I will let everyone know what it is I do when I do but not that


WoW…..The sad Ending.

Maybe it is and maybe it is not. But the other day my WoW account expired again and believe it or not I do not care. After playing for the last three years off and on (mostly ON), I think its time either for a long break or time to find another game to do in my spare time. I have my 70 Pally on Kel’Thuzad, who was my first character in which I have had a great time with but at this point considering I am a lazy dude and don’t have amazing gear just great/good it only makes me wonder why do I play if I am not very serious about this game. My 63 Warlock sits in solitude on Bleeding Hollow by himself cause I hate leveling and even though now he is in the Outlands were I actually don’t mind it, I still don’t level him cause I guess at the end of the day I hate to level. And then not to mention all the 20-31s I have back on my original server Blackrock. Another crazy thing is when I first started I wanted to be Horde, but my friend who got me playing by dragging me away from two years of Guild Wars, was Alliance so I did not want to play by myself and joined the Alliance side with my dwarf.  So I have numerous horde from level 6-28. Its also kinda funny how I hate to level but will level twenty-something levels before realizing that. Go figure, ha!

All in all if I do stay out for good this time there is always hope beyond the horizon.  Age of Conan is coming and so is Warhammer Online. Or maybe I just go back to FPS, and RTS games. Who knows for sure. Buteither way WoW was yet another great game by Blizzard that I thoroughly enjoyed.

A Sporty Saturday

So far of the busy sports world on Saturday the 28th. My highs and lows.


Cowboys draft choice. WHile I might not be happy they gave there Browns 2nd pick up instead of theres so they could pick up Jarret, the pick they did make is a good one with Spencer.

Lebron sweeping the Wizards. (at the time of this post its only the 1st quarter but we know fate when we see it).


Sharks blowing it with 2:00 to go in the 3rd peroid.

and that should end my day so far. Other than that Slingbox rules, go Mavs.

Worth Every Penny

Today I found out that my blog is worth $35.00. Now considering how few post and the short length of time here on wordpress, that is saying something. Like if I actually posted more than once a week or two, it could be worth over $100.00 dollars. Then the more comments would boost the site. I mean we are talking making something from nothing.  That my friend is the power of the internet. Anyone can make it if you just push a little.

More Web 2.0 Designing

I am also at work on my own site which I have had in the works for ever. Its a site about alot of things, still no main topic of discussion. But thats not so important now, what is, is that what I am talking about Web 2.0 design. I try hard to keep up with the sleek and stylish works of the new Web 2.0m but it is hard. Anyways I give it my best with my all around computer skills. Here is a composite of what the site is starting to shape up to look like.

More details coming soon it is almost three in the morning no time for thinking what to write about lol.

Web 2.0 Designing

I am currently working a new site design for The site layout is not bad but the look is terrible. So as a favor I am uplifting it to a more professional look. A Web 2.0 look.

Gooogle the site and take a look for yourself, then come back and see whats rolling in the idea bin. The banner is only thing complete for I just started work on it yesterday.

*Notes* The slogan is no longer there, and a few more buttons below the main buttons are added to it. I will show them when I have done more to it.

I will post more progress as it comes along.

Well lets see today I…..

I just picked up The Thing (a classic horror film top 5 if you ask me), and the Prestige. Obviously i have seen the Thing that is just for kicks. The Prestige however I did not get  chance to see so I am gonna watch it now and let you know how it was.

Also I noticed how calm and ‘boring” life is without WoW everyday now. What a croc. I should be getting this job at Quizno’s Subs this week so not to concerned about it. Need the money to pay rent foremost then more WoW time. Finding a job has been tough but going back to making sandwiches ain’t to bad I guess since I have done it before and it is easy for me.  I worked at Subway for a little over a year while going to college at the Art Institute.  So this job will just be easy cash whether I really like the job to much or not.

And I am trying to redesign a site for a friend, Stop by sometime another gaming blog like Dtoid or Joystiq. Has a few fresh features obviously, but pretty much just news.

Last but not least reinstalled Diablo 2 to kill the time between work and till I get my WoW account up to date. Good times. Secret Cow Level!