WoW.. I Sux

No this is not about World of Warcraft….today anyways. This is about another Blizzard game called Starcraft. I not very good at it and never really was. Of course I can beat the missions, but solo play against the comp I still dont win alot. Dont knwo what about this RTS that it is that its always had my number.

I just rebought this game about two weeks ago so I have not played really for awhile. Probably like over a year. So I played solo for first week to get feel back for it. Today I decided to go online with it. Wow… I Sux, big time. Got my own ally to turn on me cause i was not much help lol.  I played one other game every man for himself with two other people, got owned. Two reasons on that one (yes excuses!), the dude somehow was spwaned next to me on big map. And second I had forgot to choose race so it automatically picked, and picked Protoss. I like them but so hate them. They take forever it seems to devolp, unlike Terran and Zerg. SO of course my progress was slow, and because Terran (probably the fastest to build an army with) was next to me I got took out of the game pretty quick.

So to make this gaming experince better for the day, I loaded the map editor, and created a really small map. Choose Zerg, built Swarm as soon as I could. Created about half a dozen Zerglings, and attacked the Terran and took out the only two Marines they had, to start my domination.

Lame? No, it was super fun….for about two runs. Yes ok it was a little lame. But hey it was um..what is it called…ah, good practice, lol.


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