Good Grief

So while roaming Sitihulus out in Kalimdor with a buddy, some 60 Mage thinks he will hose us down (me being a 60 Pally and my friend a 60 Rouge). So we go after him but all he does is run, when we stop he whips out water elemtal, then runs some more. We aggroed so many mobs that ‘they’ killed us. Not him. What a knob. So later while farming twilght text, a 60 priest rolls next us passes a 60 hunter of alliance faction, and just looks for some twilght to kill. Me and my buddy gank him. four times to be exact. Good fun.

Now let me tell you why I said all that, Horde are always ganking lowbie Allaiance. But that is such a waste of my time to do it back to Horde. Its like are you that bored with the game you need to gank lowbies to fell like a man in your Tier 3? I am mean I gank 55+ and thats it. especailly other 60’s I love to own witha  buddy to make them log out. Or even solo, going up to a lesser geared player, or one who is in combat and bam. Give them the business. That is fun. I know I can kill a lvl 20, if i could not I would quit playing WoW. But at least maybe the person your gankong might end up owning you, you never really know. Its fun. Lowbies are not.

So if you are ever a horde on the Blackrock server, look over your shoulder for Mowgar, cause he is hunting endgame noobs. Haha, in my spare time of course.


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