My #1

You know when your surfing digg, and you open another tab to surf the web to submit something people might be interested in? We all know you do it. I do. And the thing is you do it for more than that reason. You do it hoping to get a top Digg. A story that every digg’s, and makes you the man for a moment (or wo-MAN).

There comes a time when you finally get that moment. Some get it often often, some struggle to. But in the end one day you will make waves if you try hard enough. And I did. I got my first digg that had more than ten people digg it. At the time of this post 1037 people have dugg my new Crysis Video find, origanlly posted on Dtoid’ (destuctoid for the noobs).

So I say I have seen the top of the mountain and it is good. I mean, alot of people dont think I know a buttload about digging, but I DO. Haha.

My #1

My #1,
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