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Rupture is great, but Blizz has the same thing now?

WoW has now decided to something they probably should have done awhile ago, add a Armoy of sorts for character profiles.

WoW Insider –¬† “What’s the Armory, you wonder? Well, it’s a new part of the official Blizzard site (currently in beta testing) that offers access to character profiles (for characters above level 10), guild profiles, arena team profiles, and arena ladders via the web. The nice thing about Blizzard doing this is that it’s all integrated — no extra software to install, no profiles to keep up to date — Blizzard already has all of the information and has just given us a new way to access it. The only problem: the Armory website doesn’t seem to be online right now. No doubt the cause of millions of players simultaneously trying to hit the site and see how it works.”

No doubt that is cool. But this is old for those who know about the site Rupture. A WoW social site. It allows you to veiw your current armor, whats in all of your bags, bank, even show PvP stats, Arena stats, and also  show what points you put into what talent tree.

I guess my biggest complaint is that it is still beta, has been for awhile so this will only hurt the invite only social site in the long run. Unless they spread word like wildfire then maybe people will go there to associate and see these stats about them as well as others.

I can only hope it does not for it was a great founding idea that can now only be ruined by Blizzards tardiness on this matter. If Blizzard had done this earlier maybe Rupture would be on par with in the B-class ranks of social networking.

Only time will tell what people are gonna do and make what the choice of the future.


I make myself laugh.

I only use windows well cause i play games. But in actually I only really play WoW as of late. Why do I torture myself with the nonsense taht is Microsoft? So I have a plan, switch back to Ubuntu!

So far great as usual. Now only to get those damn apps running. WoW and GW are good to go so whats left to do? Nothing but enjoy my peacful enviorment in Linux Land. With a little bit of code searching and foolling around you can get just about anything running on Linux these days.

So now im a Linux nerd or whatever you call it people who use Linux and stick it to Bill. Ta-ta for now WoW is calling me.