Monthly Archives: April 2007

A Sporty Saturday

So far of the busy sports world on Saturday the 28th. My highs and lows.


Cowboys draft choice. WHile I might not be happy they gave there Browns 2nd pick up instead of theres so they could pick up Jarret, the pick they did make is a good one with Spencer.

Lebron sweeping the Wizards. (at the time of this post its only the 1st quarter but we know fate when we see it).


Sharks blowing it with 2:00 to go in the 3rd peroid.

and that should end my day so far. Other than that Slingbox rules, go Mavs.


Worth Every Penny

Today I found out that my blog is worth $35.00. Now considering how few post and the short length of time here on wordpress, that is saying something. Like if I actually posted more than once a week or two, it could be worth over $100.00 dollars. Then the more comments would boost the site. I mean we are talking making something from nothing.  That my friend is the power of the internet. Anyone can make it if you just push a little.