This is where I post a little about me, so I will.

First off I love Video Games.

I love Music alot as well. Some of my favorite bands are Guns n Roses, Pantera, Stone Temple Pilots, Aerosmith, White Zombie, Ozzy, Velvet Revolver, Megadeth, Dethklok, Beck, Hole, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Motley Crue, just to name a few. Of course my favorite is Guns n Roses, and Pantera is a close second, after that threre is no prefernce.

Movies are another thing I really like. When someone ask me whats my favorite movie one of two things happen. Either, I give them an answer (and its always different) or I say what the most recent thing I liked was. Its hard for me since I really dig movies. Some of my favorites though are Monty Python’s Holy Grail (and their other ones, those dudes are funny), Preadator, Commando, Bloodsport, Most Jet-Li movies, House of 1,000 Corpse, Saw, Dumb and Dumber, Nacho Libre, School of Rock, Jingle all the Way, V for Vendetta, Fantastic Four (yes I liked it!), the Spider Man flicks, the Incredibles, I think all of the Pixar movies, Fun with Dick and Jane, and I guess I could go on, I guess I just love a good movie.

And lastly I love Video Games….waitm did I say this already? Well let me explain. First off im hardcore PC Gamer. Consoles I really love too, but I get the most fun out of PC Gaming. The last two years World of Warcraft I have obviously been playing. I like Day of Defeat alot. Source is the stuff, but the orginal is so classic as well. Unreal Tournament is probably my favorite FPS multiplayer game. I got my nickname, flaakmonkey, from it. A couple friends thought it only fitting since I would make the game sound that off so often. I love games so mush I will play anything type as long as its good, so FPS,RTS, RPG, MMO, Adventure, Puzzle, Action, Racing, whatever. My favorite company of course is id Software. Doom is like my all time favorite I guess you could say, brings back memories of an era is more why, not so much the game itself. Blizzard and Valve are great as well, own like all their games. Except for Diablo, never got into much, not sure why. Actually think of picking up Diablo 2 soon, so we will see. As for consoles, it just has to be really fun and capture my attention. Devil May Cry, Halo, most Nintendo games, anything Capcom puts out. DS is awesome as well.

And so outside of some of the things I like, I also read comics, am a computer geek or sorts, and just like to chill and hang out.

I love Video Games too. Wait, did I already mention that? Well let me explain it then.


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