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Well lets see today I…..

I just picked up The Thing (a classic horror film top 5 if you ask me), and the Prestige. Obviously i have seen the Thing that is just for kicks. The Prestige however I did not get  chance to see so I am gonna watch it now and let you know how it was.

Also I noticed how calm and ‘boring” life is without WoW everyday now. What a croc. I should be getting this job at Quizno’s Subs this week so not to concerned about it. Need the money to pay rent foremost then more WoW time. Finding a job has been tough but going back to making sandwiches ain’t to bad I guess since I have done it before and it is easy for me.  I worked at Subway for a little over a year while going to college at the Art Institute.  So this job will just be easy cash whether I really like the job to much or not.

And I am trying to redesign a site for a friend, Stop by sometime another gaming blog like Dtoid or Joystiq. Has a few fresh features obviously, but pretty much just news.

Last but not least reinstalled Diablo 2 to kill the time between work and till I get my WoW account up to date. Good times. Secret Cow Level!


WoW…..This Sux

This time it is about WoW.

My freaking account runs out on me the day i was gonna hit 70. What more could you ask for when you wake up to login and it says account needs update?! Man this really chaps my caboose. Cause when you ain’t got no money to pay for it and no job at the moment, life seems like shit when you cannot even escape it to the magical land of WoW. Oh what am I to do?

Guess I can seriously look for a job now and not slack it. That seems best since I have nothing else to do, omfg, lol. I need to like visit one of those WoW AA meetings I think there is something seriously wrong when you choose WoW over food. But no matter I will beback on in a matter of days to continue my glorious ventures through the Outlands.


Rupture is great, but Blizz has the same thing now?

WoW has now decided to something they probably should have done awhile ago, add a Armoy of sorts for character profiles.

WoW Insider –  “What’s the Armory, you wonder? Well, it’s a new part of the official Blizzard site (currently in beta testing) that offers access to character profiles (for characters above level 10), guild profiles, arena team profiles, and arena ladders via the web. The nice thing about Blizzard doing this is that it’s all integrated — no extra software to install, no profiles to keep up to date — Blizzard already has all of the information and has just given us a new way to access it. The only problem: the Armory website doesn’t seem to be online right now. No doubt the cause of millions of players simultaneously trying to hit the site and see how it works.”

No doubt that is cool. But this is old for those who know about the site Rupture. A WoW social site. It allows you to veiw your current armor, whats in all of your bags, bank, even show PvP stats, Arena stats, and also  show what points you put into what talent tree.

I guess my biggest complaint is that it is still beta, has been for awhile so this will only hurt the invite only social site in the long run. Unless they spread word like wildfire then maybe people will go there to associate and see these stats about them as well as others.

I can only hope it does not for it was a great founding idea that can now only be ruined by Blizzards tardiness on this matter. If Blizzard had done this earlier maybe Rupture would be on par with in the B-class ranks of social networking.

Only time will tell what people are gonna do and make what the choice of the future.


While as much as a hardcore gamer I am, it may come as a shocker to all, but I have never player KOTOR 2! Of course I played the first one, three times. One good, one bad, and one cheating so I could just own everything. It was one of the best games I have ever played. This is what future RPGs should be modeled after. Its action packed with great story and depth. I loved it. Of course in the first I was a avid Pazaak Player. (A awesome single player, and multiplayer, Pazaak standalone game can be found here ) Anyways when I was not playing Pazaak I was roaming the goregeous game of Tattooine, and other local’s.

So I have finally decided while browsing torrents to give it a shot. I heard mixed reviews on it. Exactly half the people I know say it was not as good as the first one. The other half said it was better. Who I am to belive with such mixed feelings for the game? That tells me that at the very least it is a good game and worth one play. We shall see later today.

Good Grief

So while roaming Sitihulus out in Kalimdor with a buddy, some 60 Mage thinks he will hose us down (me being a 60 Pally and my friend a 60 Rouge). So we go after him but all he does is run, when we stop he whips out water elemtal, then runs some more. We aggroed so many mobs that ‘they’ killed us. Not him. What a knob. So later while farming twilght text, a 60 priest rolls next us passes a 60 hunter of alliance faction, and just looks for some twilght to kill. Me and my buddy gank him. four times to be exact. Good fun.

Now let me tell you why I said all that, Horde are always ganking lowbie Allaiance. But that is such a waste of my time to do it back to Horde. Its like are you that bored with the game you need to gank lowbies to fell like a man in your Tier 3? I am mean I gank 55+ and thats it. especailly other 60’s I love to own witha  buddy to make them log out. Or even solo, going up to a lesser geared player, or one who is in combat and bam. Give them the business. That is fun. I know I can kill a lvl 20, if i could not I would quit playing WoW. But at least maybe the person your gankong might end up owning you, you never really know. Its fun. Lowbies are not.

So if you are ever a horde on the Blackrock server, look over your shoulder for Mowgar, cause he is hunting endgame noobs. Haha, in my spare time of course.

WoW.. I Sux

No this is not about World of Warcraft….today anyways. This is about another Blizzard game called Starcraft. I not very good at it and never really was. Of course I can beat the missions, but solo play against the comp I still dont win alot. Dont knwo what about this RTS that it is that its always had my number.

I just rebought this game about two weeks ago so I have not played really for awhile. Probably like over a year. So I played solo for first week to get feel back for it. Today I decided to go online with it. Wow… I Sux, big time. Got my own ally to turn on me cause i was not much help lol.  I played one other game every man for himself with two other people, got owned. Two reasons on that one (yes excuses!), the dude somehow was spwaned next to me on big map. And second I had forgot to choose race so it automatically picked, and picked Protoss. I like them but so hate them. They take forever it seems to devolp, unlike Terran and Zerg. SO of course my progress was slow, and because Terran (probably the fastest to build an army with) was next to me I got took out of the game pretty quick.

So to make this gaming experince better for the day, I loaded the map editor, and created a really small map. Choose Zerg, built Swarm as soon as I could. Created about half a dozen Zerglings, and attacked the Terran and took out the only two Marines they had, to start my domination.

Lame? No, it was super fun….for about two runs. Yes ok it was a little lame. But hey it was um..what is it called…ah, good practice, lol.